I cannot believe the rainy weather that our area has been having however; someone recently told me that last June was pretty much the same.  It is so difficult to plan any outside activities.  The Chamber has twice canceled its corner cleanup and planting at Hubbard’s Path and Belmont Avenue.  If you believe in the third time is a charm than please join us on Saturday, May 26 at 10 a.m.   The more hands will help in finishing the task in a short period of time and it will be good to see everyone.

The Lions Fair is schedule for this Sunday, May 20 (rain or shine) and their Committee is hopeful that Mother Nature will be kind to them.  Until you actually take part in planning one of these events you have no idea how much time and effort is put into getting an event like this off the ground and to have it rain, really hurts.

This coming Wednesday, the North Babylon Chamber will be presenting its three Scholarships to some very exceptional seniors.  North Babylon High School will be hosting its Scholarship night on May 23, starting at 7 p.m.   Please feel free to come down and see what this year’s graduating class has accomplished.

It appears that our program to have some summer music free to the Community is on hold.  There are a few problems in trying to get it going and as time is to quickly flying by, it looks like we will put it on next year’s Calendar and see what can be done.

Another Community event is the Chambers Third Annual Street Fair which is again scheduled for the Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend.  It will be held on Deer Park Avenue with many vendors, food, rides for the children, pumpkin patch and entertainment.  If you own a local business this is one event you need to participate in.  Show the area residents who you are and what you can do for them.

Two guest speaker on board for our June and September meetings are Town Councilman Anthony Manetta (June) and George Andriopoulos 0f Launchpad Five One Six for September.  You really have to hear what he has to say about making your business stand up and be noticed over your competitors.

Before I forget, it has been decided by the Board that there will not be any meeting in July or August.  So have a great summer and as a song lyric goes –“See You In September.”

Yours in business,

Garrett P. Simulcik, Sr.